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Need a web site? Need updates made to an existing site? To make your existing site work on mobile devices? Not sure what you need?

We can help.

Digital Marketing

We won’t promise you “the first page of Google.” (Nobody can.) But we’ll help craft the right digital media strategy for your site, including SEO/SEM, Facebook and Twitter, content marketing and more.

Digital Strategy

Not sure what you need? We can help with that too. We’ll work with you to craft a digital strategy that will help your business or organization achieve its goals.


You’ve got a website and a CMS? Now what? We can help, with training in WordPress, SEO or basic digital strategy – available in-person, in a classroom, or online.


What’s in a Name… Server?

(Yikes, what a terrible pun. I apologize. Actually, no I don’t. I’m proud of it and I’d do it again.) Moving your domain from one registrar to another is a relatively simple process that goes something like this: Initiate a transfer with the new registrar. Get an...

Fun with Gutenberg

Not long ago, WordPress unveiled the biggest change to their page editor in quite some time. They called it Gutenberg, after the man who popularized movable-type printing in Europe and helped usher in the "modern era." I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that...

The 411 on Negative SEO – Stephan Spencer

When used effectively SEO is a powerful tool to attract high-quality traffic and conversions to your website. But SEO also has a dark side. While most people use SEO to enhance their own website, some people use it to impair or attack the websites of others. The set...