Some small business owners decide to go the seemingly easy route and use Facebook for their online presence. Then they often wake up one day to realize that their data is locked. Others notice that their design does not work anymore because Facebook has changed theirs. Sometimes it’s even worse—Facebook is infamous for:

Deleting pages

Banning users

Censoring content

In one of the most bizarre examples of its gatekeeping practice, Facebook censored quotes from the declaration of independence as “hate speech”.For all these reasons and many more, it’s better to be your own boss when it comes to online content and design. Facebook is convenient as long as it works but when it stops you have a real problem.

Source: Love at First Site: WordPress and Small Business – Namecheap Blog

I’ve been saying this for forever, but it’s nice to have another voice join the chorus.

It’s harmonious and whatnot.

Yes, absolutely use Facebook to market your site.

No, absolutely do not use Facebook AS YOUR SITE.

And if you feel like you’re too reliant on Team Zuckerberg, contact us and we’ll see about setting you free.

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