Just got my daily robo-call from that nice lady who seems so concerned about my Google business listing.

I thought I’d try to fake my way through a conversation with the sales rep so I could recount it for you, dear readers. But unfortunately, I must have uttered one of the key phrases that makes them hang up.

Might have been, “If you’r in Florida, why does my call ID say you’re calling from the next town over?”

Might have been, “Go die in a fire, you pox on the Internet’s hindquarters.”

Hard to tell.

Anyway, as it turns out, I don’t have to sit through their shpiel to tell you all the ways it’s wrong, because somebody else already has.

Last week I had the fun experience of getting a robocall from Point Break Media about my Google My Business listing and quickly realized this is the same company that I’ve been seeing floods of complaints about on the forum. If you’ve received a call from these people here is what you need to know.

From Getting Robocalls From Point Break Media? 8 Lies They Told on SterlingSky.ca

Of course, if you’d prefer the quicker version, just go with the phrase I’ve repeated many times when teaching SEO to clients:

“If someone promises you they’ll put you on the front page of Google, they’re lying.”

Incidentally, I’ve reported the company that made the call to Google, to the FTC, the Better Business Bureau, and the Federal Do Not Call list. I don’t have much faith that the calls will stop, but it was worth a shot.

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